What is this??? a computer mouse car? hehe.. kidding!! Imagine to have one and your driving it on a busy street.
This must be the coolest monocycle I have ever seen.!! I hope we have some of these in the near future. I just wonder how they will park this thing. But, its cool anyway, even though it is not yet in existence, I want to have one this. If there available one already. Looks like a helicopter on wheel.

What is this a Monorcycle??? This is the first thing that came out of my mind, because of its look which resembles the monocycle. The BOMBARDIER EMBRIO/2025 is a actually similar to a motorcycle by having one wheel. One wheel? no? it has 3 wheels actually, the front small wheels retract when you speed up to 20mph. so you d0nt have to be a clown to ride this motorcycle (I mean monorcycle). the fuel is generated by fuel cell technology.
Wo!!! t\This is the coolest bicycle I have ever seen!!!. I wonder if they could really create one of this in th future. The basic look of this bicycle looks like came from an old fassion bike, lets say a furturistic retro version of first bicycle from the past. But this time the biggest wheel is at rear.
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